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Tooth Extractions in Bradenton

Your natural smile is important to our dental team and we make every effort to preserve it. At Smile Smart Dental Center, we treat dental complications such as dental decay and trauma, but when this is not possible, it may be necessary to extract the tooth. Our Bradenton dentists may need to remove the compromised tooth to avoid complex issues in the future.

We understand that achieving improved dental function and health is different for every patient, which is why we endorse a personalized approach when administering care. Our dental office removes damaged or infected teeth for patients in Bradenton and the surrounding communities.

 Reasons for Dental Extractions

Our dentists do everything they can to save a patient’s natural tooth while relieving them of the discomfort. A tooth may require extraction for various reasons such as constant facial pain or infection. Our dental professionals remove compromised teeth to be proactive, counteracting the development of oral concerns before they become serious health issues. After taking out the troublesome tooth, we discuss replacement options that best suit your needs.

Any of the following may be why our dentist finds it necessary to extract a tooth:

  • Dental trauma
  • Severe decay
  • Periodontal disease

Our Bradenton dentists may recommend the removal of a tooth as part of a treatment plan. This allows patients to follow a timeline that is both convenient and affordable while resolving urgent concerns.

Extractions at Smile Smart Dental Center

Before recommending a patient to proceed with this procedure, we examine their smile to see how a compromised tooth affects their dental anatomy. they first have their smile thoroughly examined by a dentist to see how a compromised tooth affects their dental anatomy. One of our dentists takes dental x-rays of your teeth and supporting structures to reaffirm if the tooth may be saved or not as extraction is a last resort. These images also show the positions of the nerves and sinuses to ensure any future surgery is completed without complication.

Depending on what the examination shows, one of our dentists will sit down with the patient to discuss why tooth extraction is necessary to preserve their oral health. This allows patients to contribute to their own treatment plan and helps them feel comfortable while moving forward.

Teeth replacement options are then reviewed to assess which restorations will work best for you. This ensures that a patient receives customized care to improve oral health, dental function, and aesthetic.

Preserve Your Smile at Our Bradenton Dental Practice

Our dentists at Smile Smart Dental Center take pride in helping patients maintain optimal dental health. We do everything we can to enhance patients’ smiles and keep them in their best condition for a lifetime.  


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